kingston viewWelcome to the fourth in my series of Casablanca winery visits: Kingston Family Vineyards is a boutique winery, part of a farm which has been owned and run by the American-Chilean Kingston family for over a century.  The winery ranks highly on Tripadvisor and it’s easy to see why, with friendly, knowledgeable staff with impeccable English and lovely, peaceful areas to sit sipping a glass of wine while enjoying one of the best views in Casablanca.

Photo courtesy of Alexandra Balakireva.
Photo courtesy of Alexandra Balakireva.

There is a clear US feel to the winery and its marketing. Take this quote from the winery’s website for example:

Chile feels like a more dramatic version of California, with narrower valleys and much higher mountains. In many ways, the Casablanca Valley is analogous to California’s Central Coast, but somewhat colder. Even the plants look similar!

It’s therefore no great surprise that 70% of visitors to the winery are from the United States.

The winery organizes tours, tastings and/or lunch to suit the visitors, who should book ahead. Hattie Mills, National Marketing Manager for the winery says:

Although there are much bigger wineries in the Casablanca Valley, we believe we provide a unique experience (…). We have a blog where we like to write about places of interest around Chile, which we then share with our guests who are planning to visit us. And we are unique in offering shipping directly to the States from the vineyard.  Our American guests don’t have to take heavy bottles back with them in their luggage, they simply place an order at the vineyard and the wine gets delivered to their home.  For cases of 12 bottles, shipping is free.

When we arrived, a large group of American tourists on a cycling-winery tour were just leaving and they were in such great spirits, they burst into song. They had clearly had a fabulous time.

Tasting notes

glass of sauvignon blanc 2Tobiano 2009, Pinot Noir 

A lovely, fragrant Pinot Noir with aromas of liquorice, blueberries, strawberry jam and plums. Smooth and fruity in the mouth, nicely achieved tannins. Quite long in the finish.

Alazan 2008, Pinot Noir

This is Kingston’s premium Pinot Noir and it is certainly a bigger wine with a more complex nose featuring notes of  raspberries and spices and that touch of the farmyard so characteristic of Pinot Noir. A delicious fruity wine with nice, firm tannins and smooth acidity.

Lucero 2007, Syrah

Very smooth operator; a cool climate fruity Syrah rich in aromas of black plums, blackcurrants and cherries. The berries come through in the mouth too, together with a delicious acidity and smooth tannins.

Sabino Chardonnay

Lovely fresh nose with aromas of tropical fruit like bananas and pineapples, together with pears and a herbal hint. Very nice example of Chardonnay, beautifully rounded with just a hint of sweetness.

Helen among vines 2FACTFILE

Hijuela El Maiten S/N, Valle de Casablanca, Chile.

Open Monday to Sunday with tours at 10.30, 12.30, 2.30 and 4.30

Tel. +56 9 9230 2917, +56 9 9746 2727



More information from Kingston Family Vineyards website.

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