I’m a British food and wine lover living in Chile, enjoying the delicious flavours of this extraordinary country: fresh, vibrant fruit and vegetables, succulent meat, great seafood and, of course, those amazing wines. This is truly a great place for a sybarite to live.

I left the UK 15 years ago and am very happy here. I live in a house looking out over the Pacific Ocean with my husband, several dogs and a cat.  We garden organically and are trying to make our garden a haven for local wildlife, including bees, butterflies and many kinds of birds.

I love growing and cooking ingredients and see life as a food and drink odyssey; a journey on which I never stop experimenting, learning and savouring.  I love sharing ideas, experiences and knowledge with other people and this is what motivates me to write about wine and offer wine courses and tastings.

Professional services

Several Chilean wineries, Pisco, tea and food producers and the Chilean government pay me to translate texts from Spanish to English and write or edit texts in English, particularly marketing and PR materials. I also own and run the Shamrock Idiomas translations company. I am now available for bespoke wine tastings, food and wine pairings and classes in English or Spanish at any level from beginner to expert.

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My ethics

I am honest and true to my word.

I treat others with respect.

I respect my environment.

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About This Site

I set up this website to share information and insights into the world of wine and food, particularly in Chile. It is an objective, non-commercial space. I choose the stories I wish to cover and decide which wines I wish to review. A number of wineries contract my services but this does not guarantee that I will write about them on my website or review their wines. All opinions expressed are my own.