Happy Chilean Wine Day!

Logo-4-Sept-Dia-del-VinoThis Friday 4 September 2015 has been declared National Chilean Wine Day, which is to become an annual event.  The day was chosen because on 4 September 1545, Pedro de Valdivia, the Governor of Chile, wrote to King Charles V of Spain to ask him to send vines and wines “to evangelize Chile”.  This marked the very beginning of Chilean wine production. Today, 470 years later, Chile is a major wine producer, exporting more than 824 million litres per year.

A whole range of events have been organized right across Chile in honour of this day. Some wineries are offering free tours to the public, including the following (check first for availability):

Whatever you are doing over this weekend, this is the perfect excuse to raise a glass of Chilean wine!

Chilean Carménère tasting


A big thank you to my friends Smilja and Audrey for joining me for a special tasting of Chilean Carménère.

The Carménère tasting panel
The Carménère tasting panel Left: Smilja Radosav from the former Yugoslavia; Centre: Helen; Right: Audrey Jeannet from Switzerland.

These were our findings:

De Martino Reserva 347 Vineyards Carménère 2011

Intriguing spice and black pepper mingle with the fruit in this medium-bodied, very pleasurable and easy-to-drink wine.

Undurraga Aliwen Carménère 2012

A nice, well-balanced, easy-drinking wine with red fruit and spices. Astringent tannins but a nice, fruity finish.

Miguel Torres Las Mulas Carménère 2012 (organic wine)

Red fruit, mushrooms and damp earth. Medium-bodied, slightly bitter in the finish.

[Las Mulas is usually a very consistent, pleasant line of wines so perhaps this bottle had been stored incorrectly.]